Majatalo-Gasthaus KIVITATTI
Tattimetsäntie 36
19700 Sysmä
Tel. +358 440 77 11 37

Welcome to Sysmä!

Kivitatti is a charming central European style bed and breakfast which is situated on the island of Päijätsalo, near Päijänne National Park.
You can enjoy the walking paths straight from the lodge door during the day and the tranquillity of the island under the mid summer night! Kivitatti is situated on the shore of the longest Finnish lake, Päijänne, which offers many opportunities for swimming and traditional Finnish sauna, fishing, boating, biking, hiking and just relaxing.
You are also welcome to experience the fresh and colourful autumn. Pick up the local berries and mushrooms, go net fishing and spring lobster catching or just enjoy the dark nights with stars in the sky!
On wintertime you can go snowshoeing, skiing, ice-fishing, snowmobiling or ice skating on the frozen Lake Päijänne.

On wintertime you can go snowshoeing, skiing, ice-fishing, snowmobiling or ice skating on the frozen Lake Päijänne.
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We also gladly tailormade programmes, so do not hesitate to contact us!

NEW: From now on guests can use a wood-heated Hot Tub for up to four people in the outdoor area. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of Finnish nature and the starry sky for hours even on cold nights. After all, it is also called “Tuhannentähdentynnyri”, which translates “thousand stars tub”.


How it all started…

I, Anneli, spent a very important and interesting time of my life in Germany. Moving within Germany a few times, I got to know Germany’s people and regions, but always longed for the Finnish nature, my origins. At my work I was in contact with many people from different cultures and backgrounds. So I have grown to love the colourful mix of nationalities, all these personalities with their different stories and life experiences.
Together with my husband, Wilfried, we spent more than 30 years of our annual holidays in Finland, so he also got to know the Finnish way of loving life, the people and the country.


Why Majatalo-Gasthaus-Kivitatti?

On our trips through Germany and Europe we preferred to stay in guesthouses and private bed and breakfast lodges, because it is the best way to experience the people and the region. Already in those days, the idea was developing to eventually have a bed and breakfast lodge in Finland.


Why Päijätsalo?

When looking for a place for a majatalo/Gasthaus, we besides others came to Päijätsalo. We were instantly inspired by the rough and beautiful nature, from the silence of this island to the power of the Päijänne Lake. The “forest mushroom street” (fin.:Tattimetsäntie) was a fitting name for our bed and breakfast lodge.
Now Majatalo Gasthaus Kivitatti offers, everyone who is interested in Finland’s land and nature, a refreshing and eventful holiday on the island of Päijätsalo.


So come and experience it for yourself!